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The team would like to give a special shout-out to Lily Bruno. Lily is a student at Lester Park Elementary, and she has been following the team for roughly five years. She was introduced to the team by previous mentor Elise Kutti and fell in love with robotics. From making bracelets to attending camps and events or giving us treats, Lily has shown constant support. As of late, she along with her sister Cora, and their friends Maddie and Norah Hall have been bringing in snacks for the team. Every time they bring in treats, they also tour our build room and check on the progress of our robot.

We’re honored to have such a dedicated young fan!


Pictured (left to right): Amanda Bruno, Norah Hall, Nathan Bruno, Cora Bruno, Lily Bruno, Maddie Hall (behind Lily), Ryan Cauchon


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