2018 FIRST World Championship in Detroit – Ford Museum & Cobo Center

The Daredevils arrived in Detroit last night, and had a great first day of World Championships today! We started off our day with a visit to the Ford Museum, and learned about various technological developments in US history. We also saw Cobo Center (where Championships are being held), and explored the Innovation Fair, where companies can show off cool technology, and Scholarship Row, where prospective students can explore options for college. We are thrilled to be at world champs with our fellow Duluth team, the Marshall Topperbots (4230), and are excited for competition tomorrow!  Watch this site for our match schedule and a link to the live stream!

Fields at Cobo Center – Daredevils are on Daly field.

Daredevils at Ford Museum building with LEGOs

The City of Detroit is excited to welcome all of the FIRST teams to their city!


Ford was very involved in early aviation – there were many cool planes, trains and automobiles at Ford museum!

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