Build Season 2019 Week 2!

Build Season Week 2 is coming to a close, and the Daredevils are working hard prototyping the robot and strategizing for this year’s game. We’ve finished building our wooden field elements and everyone in the fabrication side of the team is working late into the night, making sure our robot is ready to blast off into DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE. CAD especially, has been working extremely hard to create key aspects of our robot. Sean Hampton, a freshman on the CAD department, when asked about how build season is going, had this to say, “It’s going good. It’s rather busy, but it’s going well.”

Let’s get hooked on robotics!

Freshman Daniel working on field elements using a radial saw.

Programming Department, Jared, Tobi, Harper, and Ike working together to code the robot.

CAD Department, Jacob, Sean, and Anders designing parts for the bot.

Team Management – Riley working on Chairman’s and Madison updating the team budget.

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