Build Season 2019 Week 3!

Three weeks down, 3 weeks to go! Build season is officially halfway done, and the Daredevils are extremely busy. Build is hard at work putting together the robot, prototyping different designs to use for the bot this year, and cutting out metals to use for the actual body of the robot. Everyone in programming is very busy with coding different aspects of the robot including vision tracking. CAD is even busier, with many projects going on at once to design crucial pieces of our bot. A certain group of people from the Logistics side of the team have also gotten together to create brand new Daredevils merchandise to hand out!

Linnea Frisk, captain of strategy, said this when asked about how competition season is going to go,”I think we’re going to do really great this year. I think everyone on the team is working really hard and we’re all super pumped for competition, and I think that it’s all going to be wonderful.”

Let’s get hooked on robotics!

Jacob and Sean of the CAD Department working hard.

Elliot and Graham of the Electronics Department building parts of the robot.

Linnea, Haley, and Anna working on the new Daredevil merchandise!

Simon and Jared cutting metal.

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