Build Season 2019 Week 4!

The polar vortex left the Daredevils frozen in place, with a grand total of three dangerously cold days. The school was completely closed throughout these 3 days, leaving the fabrication department unable to work on the robot. Today, Friday, will have been the busiest night yet, with everyone working exceptionally hard to compensate for lost time. The robot body is being designed and cut out by the CNC machine and put together. Our Chairman’s award essay, summary and video are being fine-tuned.  The Daredevils are working intensely to make up for lost time and finish strong in the two weeks left!

Harley Wehseler, a freshman on the team, had this to say when asked about how build season is going. “It’s going pretty good, but you’re never really ready. That’s the challenge of build season.”

Let’s get hooked on robotics!

Kya and Harley working hard to finish up the FRC Journal and scheduling.

Tong getting dimensions on a VRM (Voltage Regulator Module).

Tobi and Jared discussing programming.

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