About The Daredevils

Since 2007, the Duluth East Daredevils have made a positive impact on our community as they share their excitement about FIRST robotics. One of the most important things the team does is provide opportunities for younger children to engage in the STEM fields. We have helped to create and mentor 6 FLL teams, as well as help 2 FTC teams in our community. In addition to helping start teams for those 14 and under, we have also helped create 2 FRC teams in the Duluth area. Last year we helped start an FRC team in Vaxjo, Sweden!

The Daredevils enjoy inviting other teams to Duluth East High School to share our knowledge and experience and help them with new skills and techniques to succeed in the FRC world. 

Along with creating new teams and helping others, we do a lot of community outreach. Some of our favorite events to participate in are the annual Rhubarb Festivals, Duluth Huskies baseball games, and Motorhead Madness, a car show in Duluth where we present our robot to the public. 

All of the Daredevils have gained valuable skills while building lifelong, positive relationships with people who enjoy what they do as much as them. The fabrication side of the team gains valuable skills in the STEM field that really help them in later in their life. The logistics side has developed and gained skills in business management, budgeting, using media equipment, developing strategy, and communicating with others teams and sponsors.

The team has evolved many times throughout its history. We’ve attended and hosted many events, including the Double DECC’er regional and the Gitchi Gummi Get Together, an off-season event that we host in the summer. It’s also meant to get the veteran teams of the year’s game to dust off the robot and get some practice in with driving and using the necessary skills with competition etiquette. 

In the recent years, the Daredevils have expanded their team exponentially, going from 8 students to 44. We’ve expanded our business model and incorporated a Media Department, Team Management, and Strategy Department. In our CAD department, we have incorporated modern technologies such as Solidworks and utilizing a CNC machine to create and perfect our robot. The use of new technologies gives the Daredevils a chance to gain experience using these skills to enter potential careers with prior knowledge of the machines and programs.

Throughout their FRC journey, the Daredevils have been successful and have been met with some challenges. We have fallen and remained resilient in our efforts to bounce back. Because of these challenges, the team has used Gracious Professionalism and Cooperation to come up with new ideas to  work together, overcome the challenges, adapt to obstacles, and improvise to meet our goals. 

Overall, being a Daredevil means using coopertition to the greatest extent, as well as truly defining what it means to bring diversity together to make something amazing. All the Daredevils have different skills that they bring to the table in order to create the team we have today. We are the Duluth East Daredevils, FRC team 2512, and we can do anything we put our minds to.