Double DECC’er 2019 Day 1

Drive team: Tucker, Simon, and Jared

Drive team: Tucker, Simon, and Jared


The Daredevils woke up bright and early today and headed to the DECC to attend the first competition day of the Double DECC'er Regional in Duluth, MN. Team members went straight to work after dropping their stuff off in the stands. Pit crew and drive team went to work on the robot, getting it ready for their first qualification match. Other team members worked on and presented the Chairman's presentation, scouted qualification matches, and supported their fellow FRC teams by cheering everyone on.

The Daredevils won their first 2 qualification matches, but sudden technical difficulties proved to be a problem as the they advanced through the day. By the end of the day, however, the Daredevils worked past the technical issues with the robot and got it back up to full efficiency. They ended the day with a winning score of 59 - 32!

Let's get hooked on robotics!