Build Season 2019 Week 5

Mother Nature hit the Daredevils once more, landing them one more snow day. With the snow piling up, the Daredevils found themselves in a bind. Members of Media worked at home, focusing their efforts on the FLASH (a program that we'll share at the Double DECC'er regional in Duluth, MN). Team Management continued to plan funding for trips, and our Awards committee fine-tuned our Chairman's presentation, essay, and video. However, members of fabrication are starting to feel the time encroach on them. Some fabrication members feel like they'll be ready, while others aren't very sure. Spencer Olsen, a junior of the team and member of the build department had this to say when asked about how build season is going: "We're doing pretty well. We're starting to get a bit crunched on time, but we're doing much better than last year."

Even under the stress of lost time, fabrication has been working intensely to get the robot done by the end of build season. They're making leaps and bounds in the production of the bot. Even though we've lost a couple of work days, nothing is stopping us from doing our best to succeed in all of our events.

Let's get hooked on robotics!

Elliot from Electronics and Spencer from Build splicing wire

Elliot from Electronics and Spencer from Build splicing wire

Annalise Borman