ICC 2018 Wrap Up

The Daredevils were off today at 6:45 AM to make their way up to Itasca Community College for their annual scrimmage put together by students at the college. As the bus arrived with a bunch of drowsy teenagers, they unloaded busses and trailers filled with tools and robots to begin the day. As the morning progressed, the Daredevils had their hands full with trying to get the robot moving and on the field.

At about 1PM, the 2018 robot, Alea, could finally make it out on the field to try their hand in this season’s game. Although it was a rough start, they finally got the hang of it and managed to stack a few cubes on the switch and scale. Much like Archie, our 2011 robot, our elevator mechanism performed beautifully.

During awards, the Daredevils received the Program and Design Award, recognizing our use of multiple sensors.

Overall, we believe it was a successful day, and we can’t wait to try our hand at the Double DECC’er in March!