ICC Scrimmage 2019

Today the Daredevils have made their way to Grand Rapids, MN, to participate in Scrimmage Day at Itasca Community College (ICC). Sixteen teams have gathered to support and help one another, as well as test their robots on a makeshift field. This year, however, the Daredevils weren't able to bring their own bot to the event due to missed work days when school was closed due to cold and snow. The fabrication side of the team stayed back to work on the bot, while the logistics side of the team attended the event. The Daredevils worked on scouting with the new scouting app that our own Kobi Jones created, and helped out other teams with programming and other robot issues.

The Daredevils were honored to receive the "Greatest Depth Award" for the most outreach and cooperation with the other teams attending. As relationships between the Daredevils and other teams grow, competitive spirit flaring to life, and Bag and Tag only 2 days away, teams are working hard to add the finishing touches to their bots before they have to pack them away.

Let's get hooked on robotics!