Minne Mini 2018 Wrap Up

The last event of the 2017-2018 season has just ended. The Daredevils woke up early to set off for Prior Lake High School for the annual event known as the Minne Mini, where the new team members had their first taste of an FRC event and the veteran team members get a chance to get back into the competition mindset. The day started off well, with members of the Daredevils attending workshops and preparing for the matches later in the day.

The day continued, and the Daredevils competed in the qualification matches. We won our first match with a score of 238 - 105. Despite occasional hiccups with the robot, the rest of the qualification matches went along smoothly, with the Daredevils winning all but two matches, ending the day as the 18th seeded robot.

As the last match ended, the alliance picking started. The Daredevils weren't the first pick for any alliance, and were also not a second pick for 3 of the alliances. However, we were picked for the 1st alliance, along side team 1816, Green Machine, and team 2052, KnightKrawler. With that, the final matches of the regional took place. The 1st seed alliance took down the 4th seed alliance, which included the Marshall Topperbots, FRC team 4230, in the semi-finals with scores of 420 - 227 and 450 - 210. This secured a place for us in the final matches with the 3rd seed alliance.

In the finals the Daredevils alliance went up against the 3rd seed alliance composed of FUN Robotics (Team 6630), Warpspeed (Team 4239), and CIS (Team 4607). After a massive hiccup with the scoring system, the 1st seed alliance won with a score of 369 - 164 in the final match of the finals! Cheers erupted throughout the gymnasium as the finals scores were put up on the screen.

With a new drive team and robot, Alea, which is now retired, the Daredevils fought off rust from the summer and a robot that kept telling us she was tired, to win the championship. Our new members experienced their first ever FRC event, and our new drive team has experienced driving a bot during an event for the first time.  Now our sites are set to the new 2018-19 season and the game “Deep Space”. Kick Off is January 5th.


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