World Championships Day 3

Day three of The Worlds Competition is here! We had a close first match, we got our carabiners attached to the scale and tried climbing and but ran out of time. We lost our first match but we still fought hard. Yay Daredevils! In our second match of the day we fought hard to get power cubes on the scale, and ended up winning the match! In the third match we were grabbing power cubes as fast as we could in an effort to gain ownership of the scale, we lost this match but it was still a close game for the Daredevils.

During lunch we took a group picture of Minnesota teams at worlds. There are 31 total MN teams here in Detroit.  It was a great bonding experience and we chanted “SKOL” and “You Betcha” loud and proud. 

We are excited for tomorrow will bring with alliance selections and finals, and hope to do well!