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Polar Vortex Freezes the Daredevils in Place

The Daredevils have been working extremely hard for the past 5 weeks to design, fabricate, and program their robot for this year’s event, DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE.

Due to the 4 school closure days, the Daredevils will have to cancel their annual Open House, an event where the public gets to see the robot and hear about the strategy the team used to plan for this year’s game.  This is the first time that the Daredevils have needed to cancel their Open House. Lost work days didn’t allow the team enough time this year to complete their robot for public display.

The team will continue to work nights and weekends to finish their robot before the deadline on February 19th.

Build Season 2019 Week 4!

The polar vortex left the Daredevils frozen in place, with a grand total of three dangerously cold days. The school was completely closed throughout these 3 days, leaving the fabrication department unable to work on the robot. Today, Friday, will have been the busiest night yet, with everyone working exceptionally hard to compensate for lost time. The robot body is being designed and cut out by the CNC machine and put together. Our Chairman’s award essay, summary and video are being fine-tuned.  The Daredevils are working intensely to make up for lost time and finish strong in the two weeks left!

Harley Wehseler, a freshman on the team, had this to say when asked about how build season is going. “It’s going pretty good, but you’re never really ready. That’s the challenge of build season.”

Let’s get hooked on robotics!

Kya and Harley working hard to finish up the FRC Journal and scheduling.

Tong getting dimensions on a VRM (Voltage Regulator Module).

Tobi and Jared discussing programming.

Build Season 2019 Week 3!

Three weeks down, 3 weeks to go! Build season is officially halfway done, and the Daredevils are extremely busy. Build is hard at work putting together the robot, prototyping different designs to use for the bot this year, and cutting out metals to use for the actual body of the robot. Everyone in programming is very busy with coding different aspects of the robot including vision tracking. CAD is even busier, with many projects going on at once to design crucial pieces of our bot. A certain group of people from the Logistics side of the team have also gotten together to create brand new Daredevils merchandise to hand out!

Linnea Frisk, captain of strategy, said this when asked about how competition season is going to go,”I think we’re going to do really great this year. I think everyone on the team is working really hard and we’re all super pumped for competition, and I think that it’s all going to be wonderful.”

Let’s get hooked on robotics!

Jacob and Sean of the CAD Department working hard.

Elliot and Graham of the Electronics Department building parts of the robot.

Linnea, Haley, and Anna working on the new Daredevil merchandise!

Simon and Jared cutting metal.

Build Season 2019 Week 1!

Build season is starting off strong this year! The Daredevils are hard at work prototyping and creating strategies to use in this year’s game, Destination: Deep Space.
The fabrication side of the team has been busy with building field elements and using CAD (Computer Aided Design) and prototyping the design the team agreed upon at kickoff.
Strategy is figuring out the best strategy to win at the regional level. Simon Olsen, a sophomore on the team had this to say about build season: “We’ve been spending a lot of time on our strategy. We’ve had a lot of time to think about it and I think we’ll do very well this year.”
Chairman’s has also started to take off, with the essay draft and the video being worked on relentlessly.

Let’s all get hooked on robotics!

Build Season Week 3

By the end of the third week of build season, the Duluth East Daredevils have been fabricating and prototyping robot parts, working on strategy for the game, and celebrating our “Sponsor Night”, where we give our sponsors tours of the fabrication center, and show them what we do on a typical day. Also, our programming department has been working on an exciting new project that will be revealed later on during the season!

Support Beyond Compare

The team would like to give a special shout-out to Lily Bruno. Lily is a student at Lester Park Elementary, and she has been following the team for roughly five years. She was introduced to the team by previous mentor Elise Kutti and fell in love with robotics. From making bracelets to attending camps and events or giving us treats, Lily has shown constant support. As of late, she along with her sister Cora, and their friends Maddie and Norah Hall have been bringing in snacks for the team. Every time they bring in treats, they also tour our build room and check on the progress of our robot.

We’re honored to have such a dedicated young fan!


Pictured (left to right): Amanda Bruno, Norah Hall, Nathan Bruno, Cora Bruno, Lily Bruno, Maddie Hall (behind Lily), Ryan Cauchon


It’s… Alive! CNC Machine has been Repaired

We’re very happy to say our CNC machine is now up and running! Thanks to the CAD department for all their hard work in getting it functioning. Naturally, the first thing we cut is an outline of Lake Superior.

Team Fundraiser on February 27th

The team will be having a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings! Join us on February 27 for food, fun, and trivia.

Recycle Rush in Action

We departed from Duluth Sunday morning and made our way to Itasca Community College (ICC) which hosted the sixth annual FIRST Robotics Scrimmage. As the morning progressed, 17 other teams arrived for a day of fine-tuning, strategic planning, and helping other teams. When we arrived, we were greeted by the many teams working on their robots and getting ready to practice. The sound of working tools, setup, and falling totes filled the ICC gymnasium –along with the occasional noodle thawp.

The day really got started when teams began randomly entering and exiting the field, anxious to practice their techniques and get a better understanding of this year’s game. The field was quickly filled with robots stacking totes, recycling containers, and even the occasional pool noodle would get into the action.

After lunch, the teams started the real practice matches to get the feel of how the game will run at actual competition events with short times and strict rules. In this time, the teams tried their hardest to score points by stacking totes and collecting “litter”. The Daredevils took as many chances out on the field as we could in order to perfect or improve the techniques that we created for competition. We worked as hard as possible to learn to work together with the other teams on the alliance. Being compatible with the other teams on an alliance is very important because the hard work that each team does is necessary if you want to sore points and have a good game. Even in doubt, there were always team members cheering on the ones who needed it the most. After the day’s activities, the teams were awarded prizes for their hard work and cooperation. The Daredevils were awarded the Gracious Professionalism Award for being helpful to other teams.

After awards, the teams remaining were able to continue to practice informally for another hour. The Daredevils and all teams involved are very grateful for Kim Damiani and ICC for hosting, and continuing to host, this event. There was even more action this year with more robots on the field for a greater period of time.

It’s on to the Double DECCer Regionals, February 27 and 28, for the Northern Lights Regional!

DSC_0551 DSC_0523 DSC_0372

2015 FRC Game Announced!

RecycleRushKickoff is over and the new game has been announced! This year’s game is called “Recycle Rush”, in which robots must carry and stack plastic crates called “totes”, and optionally cap those stacks with large recycling canisters for more points. The change portion of the game involves making padded robot bumpers optional, after having been a required element for about seven years.

The field itself contains four ramps, or scoring platforms, and is divided into three zones on each side; the “Landfill” Zone in the center, moving outwards to the Auto and Standard Zones. The Landfill Zone contains a plethora of totes, both upright and upside-down. Green pool noodles, entered onto the field by human-players, play the part of “litter”, and litter points vary based on each ones position on the field: either placed inside the canisters, or in the opposite Landfill Zone. In the very middle of the field is a divider called the “step”, which contains a small platform where robots from opposite alliances –and therefore opposite sides of the field– can achieve “Coopertition” points by working together to stack yellow totes.

The Daredevils have been planning all day to come up with our design for the next six weeks, however we will continue to post on our social media. As always, no robot photos will be available until after Bag and Tag (just to be safe). We can’t wait to see the designs and strategies at upcoming competitions!