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July LEGO camp

The LEGO camp for the month of July has begun!  The kids will once again be working hard at designing and building robots that can complete our tracks.  Something that is newly established this year is the ability of the students to create their own tasks for the robots to accomplish after they’ve completed a run of the tracks.  There truly is no end to the creativity of a young child, and when you put LEGO in their hands, the possibilities are limitless. We also gave tours of our fabrication area, and showed off some of our robots, old and new.

LEGO® Mania!

Thanks to all of you who participated in our third annual FIRST LEGO® Robotics Summer Camp. We’ve held this summer camp for three years, and this year was our biggest turnout yet! These summer camps are designed to introduce kids into the FIRST community, in addition to incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) principles into their lives.

After introductions and some basic instructions, the kids were given their first challenge; to follow a black line of electrical tape across a white board. After they wrapped up the building process, they moved over to the row of laptops to program their creations to follow the line. The first day left the kids determined to complete the line following challenge.

After groups started completing the first challenge, they continued onto the second challenge. The second one was a little bit harder than the first, and each one after that got progressively harder. The harder challenges required kids to redesign, and reprogram their robots.

On the last day, we brought the “big robots” in. They were able to catch Frisbees from Arcana, our 2013 robot, and t-shirts from Ctrl-Y, our 2010 robot. They were also able to play with Archie and Aries, our 2011 and 2014 robots. Campers played 4-Square and Ultimate Frisbee with some of the Daredevil team members. They later had the opportunity to sit down and watch a world renowned off-season competition that was occurring in Indiana.

Everyone had a lot going on over the five days, but they learned new skills, had fun, and even taught some of us some new things. Overall, we hope these camps don’t stop growing so we can continue to get adults and kids everywhere hooked on robotics!

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