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Minnesota Pride

We’re incredibly proud of the Minnesota teams who attended the Iowa Regional. Eight of these teams took home awards, and we’re happy to be one of them, and to be a part of such a vibrant FRC community. Thanks especially to our fellow local Teams 4009 DNA Robotics, 4230 TopperBots, and 5690 SubZero Robotics!

It was quite a competition in Iowa, and although the Daredevils didn’t win, we’re very proud of our alliance. Our alliance captain Team 876 Thunder Robotics and alliance partner Team 6630 F.U.N. both played incredibly, and we are honored to have been alongside you!

A HUGE congrats to our fellow team from the Northshore, Team 5690 Subzero Robotics out of Esko. They, along with their alliance partners Teams 2410 and 4506 were a fantastic alliance. What incredible finals! We’ll see you at Worlds!

Congrats as well to our fellow Duluth team, Team 4009 DNA for the Entrepreneurship Award!

Minnesota Award Winners

FIRST Team 2500 Herobotics–Chaiman’s Award
Esko SubZero Robotics Team 5690–Winner
Hill-Murray Robotics- Team 4506 PioNerds–Winner
Duluth East Daredevils FIRST Robotics Team 2512–Finalist and Excellence in Engineering
The Robettes, Team 2177–Judges’ Award
Inconceivable – FRC Team 2530–Innovation in Control
Denfeld Nation Automation 4009–Entrepreneurship
MinuteBots Robotics–Industrial Design


Congrats to all award winners at the Iowa Regional, and thanks to all teams in attendance for a great competition!


Additionally, we’d like to give a special mention to Team 2220 Blue Twilight out of Eagan, MN. They received the Chairman’s Award at the Wisconsin Regional! We’re proud of you, see you at Worlds!


Here are some photos from later Saturday! Next stop, the World Championship in St. Louis!


Iowa Regional Finals

Photo by Kody Olsen

We are excited and honored to have been chosen by Team 876 Thunder Robotics to join in Alliance 1 with themselves and Team 6630 F.U.N. (FieRCely Uknighted Nation). After a short lunch break, playoffs will begin, with quarterfinals into semifinals, and then the final matches. Let’s go Alliance 1!

Iowa Regional Day 2

The second and final day of competition at the Iowa Regional has begun! We have a few more qualification matches, and then we’re into elimination rounds!

Our match schedule is as follows (times subject to change):

Quals 61 – 9:21 AM

Quals 66 – 9:56 AM

Quals 75 – 10:59 AM

Iowa Day 1 Wrap-Up

Our matches are all finished for today! We won four of six, and while things didn’t always go quite how we planned (not unusual in FRC, after all) we’re optimistic about our remaining qualification matches tomorrow!

On a happy note, the website is running again! Our search engine links appear to be repairing, although this may take some time. There’s always the chance that something else could be found, but it seems very unlikely at this juncture. Again, we’d recommend accessing the site directly through it’s URL (or bookmarking it, to make it even easier!) in the meantime. Thanks again for bearing with us through this unexpected complication. We will continue updates tomorrow as well.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the second day at Iowa!


Iowa Regional Day 1

The website is tentatively back up and running! Thank you and sorry for the delay. The site recently suffered a cyber attack, which corrupted some files and links to our site from search engines such as Google and Bing. It’s taken some time to repair the damage and remove the malicious files. We may have some changes yet to make, but for now all seems well. However, our links through search engines may still be incorrect, and we’d recommend accessing the site directly through the URL bar (bookmarking can help!). Hopefully, our search engine links will be updated soon. If you do discover a bad link or further damage, please know we are working on it. Thanks for bearing with us.


The Iowa Regional is off to a great start! Click here for match schedules and results!

The Daredevils will be in the following Qualification matches on Friday (times are subject to change):

Qual 9 – 10:10 AM
Qual 18 – 11:28 AM
Qual 23 – 1:07 PM
Qual 34 – 2:36 PM
Qual 40 – 3:24 PM
Qual 46 – 4:12 PM

We’re excited to be here, and had a good practice day. We made some big modifications, and are excited with our changes.

Two Days Until Iowa!

Our team is staying busy in the time we have leading up to our next regional! More photos to come!

Northern Lights Regional Wrap-Up

The Northern Lights Regional came to a conclusion yesterday. We had a great alliance, but after two intense finals matches, Alliance 2, with Teams 2509 Tigerbots, 3130 ERRORs, 6613 Gogebic Range Robotics, was victorious. Well played to both alliances, and thanks again to teams 876 Thunder Robotics and 27 Team RUSH for being great alliance teammates.

Although we didn’t win, we received a Wild Card as the captain of the finalist alliance, and will be going to the World Championship in St. Louis!

We are also proud to have taken home the Spirit Award.

The Daredevils are also proud to announce our team member and Safety Captain Olivia N. as Dean’s List Finalist, along with Harrison K. from Owatonna. Congrats, we are proud of you!

Stay tuned for the Iowa Regional!


Below the slideshow are all award results from the Northern Lights Regional. Congrats to their recipients!

2017 Northern Lights Regional Award Recipients

Chairman’s Award
Team 876  Thunder Robotics 

Team 2509 Tigerbots, Team 3130 (ERRORs 3130), Team 6613 (Gogebic Range Robotics)

Team 2512 (Duluth East Daredevils), Team 27 (Team RUSH 27), Team 876 (Thunder Robotics)

Engineering Inspiration
Team 2502 Talon Robotics

Woodie Flowers Finalist
Russ Meyers (Duluth East Daredevils)

Dean’s List Finalists
Olivia N. (Duluth East Daredevils) and Harison K. (Owatonna)

Rookie All-Star Award
Team 6758  Otternauts

Highest Rookie Seed
Team 6613  Gogebic Range Robotics

Excellence in Engineering
Team 3026  FRC Team 3026: Orange Crush Robotics

Innovation in Control
Team 2987  Rogue Robotics

UL Safety Award
Team 5172  Gator Robotics

Judges’ Award
Team 2202  BEAST Robotics

Industrial Design
Team 525  Swartdogs

Gracious Professionalism
Team 4859  BHS Robotics

Quality Award
Team 2491  No Mythic

Rookie Inspiration
Team 6613  Gogebic Range Robotics

Entrepreneurship Award
Team 27  Team RUSH

Creativity Award
Team 2175   The Fighting Calculators

Team Spirit Award
Team 2512  Duluth East Daredevils

Imagery Award
Team 4786  Nicolet FEAR

Alliance and Playoffs






After an intense round of qualifying matches, the Daredevils ended in 4th place overall. We politely declined an alliance invitation from Team 2987 Rogue Robotics, and formed an alliance with Teams 876 Thunder Robotics, and 27 Team RUSH.

The Daredevils are honored to be the alliance captain, and excited for the Playoffs. Match results will be posted to the Northern Lights Update page. Below is a bracket with all eight alliances and all competing teams.

Good luck to all teams!

Woodie Flowers Finalist – Russ Meyers

The Duluth East Daredevils are proud to announce our fabrication mentor Russ Meyers as the Woodie Flowers Finalist at the Northern Lights Regional!

Russ has been a mentor since 2010, and provided the team with materials and facilities beyond what was available to them. He has been an inspiration to team members and mentors since, and we are honored to have him on board.

Thanks, and congratulations to you, Russ. You are truly deserving.



It’s… Alive! CNC Machine has been Repaired

We’re very happy to say our CNC machine is now up and running! Thanks to the CAD department for all their hard work in getting it functioning. Naturally, the first thing we cut is an outline of Lake Superior.