Fabrication departments



All of the fabrication and electronics work on the robot is done by the Build Department. The electronics aspect of the department wires and essentially bridges the gap between programming and mechanics. They are also in charge of maintaining robots from previous years.



The Programming Department is all about fabricating a system that results in a robot that is easy to drive. Once they finish a program, they have to test and troubleshoot all of its aspects. In this respect, programmers learn volumes of the programming language Java in addition to LabVIEW along with lots of patience.


CAD Department

The CAD department digitally designs the robot using Solidworks. The members of this department also assist with fabrication along with the Build and Electrical teams.


Logistics departments



Behind the scenes of any team with a winning robot is some type of Management Department. The money raised and managed by this department makes it possible for our team to build, travel, and compete. There are several sections of management: accounting, awards, trip planning and fundraising.



The Media Department manages our team branding, team website, social media, contact with other professional media outlets, and the overall aesthetic appearance of the team. This department is in charge of documenting events and competitions through photos, videos, and interviews, as well as spreading awareness of the Daredevils throughout our community and school, and refining our team image.



At the beginning of Build Season, Strategy collaborates with Build in discussions about the functions of the robot and game strategy. As the rule interpreters, our team counts on them to read the fine print and keep us on track by watching the building of the robot closely to make sure everything is legal according to the FIRST Rule Book. They also consult with Media about what information to share (or not share) with the general public. They identify our strengths and weaknesses as well as those of competing robots.