2017 Iowa Regional Results

Congrats to Alliance 3 with teams 5690, 2410, and 4506 for their victory! And a special thanks to the captain of our own Alliance 1, Team 876, and to our alliance partner Team 6630. We are proud to have been in an alliance with you!

The Daredevils are proud to have taken home the Finalist Award and the Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi.

Below are the results from our elimination matches.


Saturday Playoffs Updates:

Our FIRST match-up was against Alliance 8, consisting of Teams 967, 167, and 3206.

Quarterfinals 1: Win 280 – 208
Quarterfinals 2: Win 445 – 246

Our second match-up was in the semifinals, against Alliance 5, consisting of Teams 5638, 4536, and 1094.

Semifinals 1: Win 395 – 255
Semifinals 2: Win 330 – 205

We’re in the finals! We’re up against Alliance 3, consisting of Teams 5690, 2410, and 4506.

Finals 1: Win 407 – 395
Finals 2: Loss 345 – 355
Finals 3: Loss: 225 – 425

It was a tough competition, and we did our best, but Alliance 3 came out on top after three intense matches. Congrats to them, and thanks again to Teams 876 for picking us, and to Team 6630 for being a great alliance partner. Now time for the awards ceremony!

Saturday Morning Highlights:

We ended our qualification matches in a victorious match, and are looking forward to alliance selection. In total, we won six of our nine matches. We also gained an extra Ranking Point for three of these for engaging all four rotors, boosting our standings further! We ended qualifications seeded 7th out of 54 teams at the event.
At alliance selections, we joined an alliance with Team 876 Thunder Robotics, who were seeded in 1st place, and Team 6630 F.U.N. (FieRCely Uknighted Nation), seeded 22nd. We’re excited for our alliance’s trip to finals!


Saturday Qualification Match Results

Quals 61: Win 297 – 230

Quals 66: Loss 218 – 320

Quals 75: Win  305 – 165



Friday Highlights:

The competition is fierce! We won our FIRST two matches, but had a rough third where we weren’t able to move due to an issue with programming. However, we’ve since fixed the issue and are excited for further matches! Though things didn’t always go to plan, we were able to win two of our three later matches, with a total Win-Loss of 4/2.


Friday Qualification Match Results:

Quals 9: Win 285 – 130

Quals 18: Win 307 – 170

Quals 23: Loss 147 – 211

Quals 34: Win 267 – 185

Quals 40: Win 295 – 130

Quals 46: Loss 235 – 317




Thursday Highlights:

We focused our work on our shooter. In one of the biggest modifications we’ve ever made at a competition, we swapped out old shooter for a new one. We also practiced shooting, and boosted our overall accuracy to 85%, up from our previous 70%. We were able to participate in our last practice match.