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As you may know, every year FIRST comes out with a new game for each of their robotics programs. Below is a list of all FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) games that our team has been involved in since our founding in 2008. You can also view robots used for these challenges, read mini bios, and see current running statuses.

2017 STEAMworks

2016 Strongholds

2015 Recycle Rush

2014 Aerial Assist

2013 Ultimate Ascent

2012 Rebound Rumble

2011 Logo Motion

2010 Breakaway

2009 Lunacy

2008 Overdrive

Learn more about previous games our team was not involved in.

All game descriptions and numeric values –though not directly quoted to keep the description free of excess information for the ease of use by the public– were written by FIRST, and taken from the corresponding FRC Game Manual.

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