2009 Lunacy

Lunacy is a game played on a flat 27 x 54 foot low friction field known as the crater. Two alliances, one red and one blue, composed of three teams  each, compete in each match. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opponent by placing the game pieces –known as moon rocks, empty cells, and super cells– in the trailers hitched to the opposing Alliance’s robots. Robots may turn in empty cells received from the human player, to the fuel station where another human player may turn it in for a super cell to throw into the opposing Alliance’s trailers for bonus points.

Match Time: 2 minutes and 15 seconds long

Match Format: 15 second Autonomous/Hybrid Period starts the match


Alliance scores are determined by the number of game pieces in the opposing Alliance trailers.

Points Per Game Piece
Moon Rock 2
Empty Cell 2
Super Cell 15

Scores will be assessed after all objects in motion when the arena timer displays zero seconds come to rest.

All game descriptions and numeric values –though not directly quoted to keep the description free of excess information for the ease of use by the public– were written by FIRST, and taken from the corresponding FRC Game Manual.

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