2017 STEAMworks

The 2017 FRC game STEAMworks is an exciting mix of game objectives. The robots must retrieve gears and deliver them to “airships”, which are represented by towers in each side of the arena. The gears are placed on sliding pegs at the base of the towers, and are pulled up by the human players in the tower, known as pilots. The pilots place the gears on pegs, and use these to spin up rotors for points. There are three around the airship, and one main rotor.

Robots can also deliver fuel to the boiler, in either the high or low goal to score points. They can start with ten fuel within, and can retrieve more from several hoppers within the arena.

In the last 30 thirty seconds of the match, ropes are dropped from the airships, and robots can latch on to these ropes to climb up to a pressure plate at the top. Robots that climb up these ropes earn additional points.

For a more detailed description, visit www.usfirst.org/frc and go to Game and Season Info, then Competition Manual and Updates.

Match Time: 2 minutes and 30 seconds long
Match Format: 15 second Autonomous/2 minute 15 second Teleoperated