Detroit World Championships Day 2!

Today the Daredevils competed in the first day of Qualifications, winning 2 out of our 5 matches. We ended the day in rank 36, and are excited to compete again tomorrow! A match schedule was included in our last post.

Duluth East Daredevils Qualification Match Schedule -Daly Field – World Championship Days 2 & 3


Qual 12: 9:47am

Qual 17: 10:22am

Qual 26: 1:28pm

Qual 37: 2:45pm

Qual 52: 4:30pm



Qual 58: 8:35am

Qual 73: 10:20am

Qual 86: 1:51pm

Qual 93: 2:40pm

Qual 109: 4:32pm



2018 FIRST World Championship in Detroit – Ford Museum & Cobo Center

The Daredevils arrived in Detroit last night, and had a great first day of World Championships today! We started off our day with a visit to the Ford Museum, and learned about various technological developments in US history. We also saw Cobo Center (where Championships are being held), and explored the Innovation Fair, where companies can show off cool technology, and Scholarship Row, where prospective students can explore options for college. We are thrilled to be at world champs with our fellow Duluth team, the Marshall Topperbots (4230), and are excited for competition tomorrow!  Watch this site for our match schedule and a link to the live stream!

Fields at Cobo Center – Daredevils are on Daly field.

Daredevils at Ford Museum building with LEGOs

The City of Detroit is excited to welcome all of the FIRST teams to their city!


Ford was very involved in early aviation – there were many cool planes, trains and automobiles at Ford museum!

Fundraiser Wrap-up and Send Off Assembly

The Duluth East Daredevils Revel with the Daredevils Fundraiser was a success! We were able to raise $9,000.00 for our costs to the World’s FIRST Robotics Competition. Our guests connected with the team, and many people from the community came to support us.

At Duluth East High School on April 18th, the Daredevils participated in their school send-off assembly, and one of our team members, Dawson Averill who is a senior on the team, participated in a pie eating contest!


World Championships 2018!

Tomorrow at 4:00am, the Duluth East Daredevils will be heading to Detroit, MI for the FIRST World Championships! The Daredevils are thrilled to be attending again this year, and would like to thank our Chairman’s team for helping to get us this amazing opportunity. We hope to do well in both the competition and Chairman’s! Daily updates will be posted on the website and our social media each day of the championship.

Event Livestream:

Revel with the Daredevils Fundraiser!

On April 17th, from 5:00 to 8:00pm at Duluth East Highschool, the Daredevils will be hosting our annual fundraiser for our trip the world championships! We will have a pasta feed ($10 individual, $25 for family), as well as a bake sale, and a silent auction. We hope to see you there!

Lester Park Science Night

The Duluth East Daredevils will be volunteering the Lester Park Science Night at Lester Park Elementary School on April 12th. We will be helping kids with various science experiments and growing their interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This event will be from 5:00-8:00 pm in the gym.

North Star Regional Day 3!

Today was the final day of the North Star regional. The day started off strong with a win in the our first match, and that streak continued, as we won most of the qualifying matches today. We were then picked for a spot on the 4th seed alliance, whom with which we progressed through all our quarter-final matches and through our first semi-final, until we loss in the second semi-final. We’re thrilled to have gone this far in the competition, and we thank our alliance partners: Team 3750, Gator Robotics from Badger, MN, and Team 3871, Trojan Robotics from Worthington, MN!

North Star Regional Day 2!

With the second day of the North Star regional reaching it’s end, the Daredevils have been steadily increasing their scores. We did well in all of our matches, only losing a few early on. As we progressed through the day, our robot improved after each match. The Daredevils ended the day winning our last match and ranking 21 out of 50, and are excited to compete more tomorrow!

Saturday Match Schedule:

Qual 68: 9:21am

Qual 76: 10:17am

Qual 88: 11:41am

A playoff schedule will be posted around lunch tomorrow.

Northstar Regional Day 1

The day started early, with the Daredevils loading the bus at 4:00am, and getting to the arena at 7:30am. We set up our pit, and got ready for competition and practice matches. Unfortunately, we were unable to make it to our first practice match, as we were still working on our robot.  However, we made it to all of our other matches perfectly fine. We’re ecstatic to start competing in the competition tomorrow.

Match Schedule for Friday Matches: