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Enter the Daredevil Reel Team Website

Welcome to the private section of our site. 

This resource page (for both students, Mentors, and parents) contains a group calendar, a link to our SignUpGenius signups, an absentee form, and a Team Instruction Manual for the various accounts required as a Team Member.

Important to Note:

  • The password for this page will change each year, and be distributed to each Team Member’s email.
  • The Team does take attendance at meetings. Multiple unexplained absences depending on circumstance result in varying consequences. We ask that all students fill out the absentee form regardless of who/how many they have notified beforehand.
  • To access SignUpGenius signups through the button below without initially logging in, you must know the current admin’s email address (
  • To view the group calendar, the current admin ( must invite you to access it through your Gmail account and you must be logged in to said account when viewing this page.

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If you are not invited to view the calendar, please send an email to containing the Gmail address(es) you would like to be okayed for viewing.