Below are the competition files of all of our past and current robots. It’s amazing to look back on what we’ve overcome, where we’ve started, and what we as a team have accomplished. While some of them have been reused for parts and pieces, others are still in working condition, but we will never forget any of them. The small trophies indicate competition achievements (ie. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) in chronological order with off-season events included.


name: Andromeda
Season: 2019
Game: Destination: Deep space
Status: running

Named after the Andromeda Galaxy, the closest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way, Andromeda was built into existence to comply with the 2019 game, Destination: Deep Space. The goal of the game is to attach hatch panels to a “rocket” fixture and a “cargo ship” as well as load “cargo” into these fixtures.


Name: Alea
Season: 2018
Status: Running

Named after the Latin word for “cube” and “dice game,” Alea was created with the main idea of stacking cubes. Built for the 2018 game, POWER UP, it used its claw to grab cubes and place them on the switches and the scales to earn points.


Name: Aeolus  
Season: 2017
Game: STEAMworks
Status: Running

Named after the Greek King of Winds, Aeolus was built to deliver gears, throw fuel into the boiler, and board the airship at the end of the match. This robot took second at both the Northern Lights and Iowa Regionals, as well as the Minnesota State Championship. Aeolus has received some of the most extensive competition modifications of any robot we’ve built, including a completely new shooter.

Name:  Albion
Season: 2016
Game: Strongholds
Status: Running

Named after the land of Arthurian England, Albion was built to traverse and overcome enemy defenses, earn points by shooting high goals, and capture and scale towers at the end of a match.


Name: Acervus or “Ace”
Season: 2015
Game: Recycle Rush
Status: Running 

Named after the Latin word meaning “to heap, pile, stack” etc., Ace was built with the ability to earn maximum autonomous points as well as stack and maneuver the gray and yellow totes. After winning the Regional Chairman’s Award at the Northern Lights Regional, we earned a trip to the FIRST Robotics World Championship, and participated up until the very final rounds of the Einstein Mass Playoffs ending with our alliance ranked second in the world. We also won the MSHSL State Championship.


Name: Aries
Season: 2014
Game: Aerial Assist
Status: Dismantled

Aries, named after the zodiac sign for its short stature and the way it “rams” the ball, was built for the 2014 game Aerial Assist. With its giant claw, Aries had the ability to pick up balls from the field, pass, catch, and shoot into the top goal. The name represents leadership, boldness, courageousness, and competing in activities with vigor and zeal.


Name: Arcana 
Season: 2013
Game: Ultimate Ascent
Status: Dismantled

Built for the 2013 game Ultimate Ascent, Arcana has the ability to pick up discs from the ground, retrieve them from the feeder station, and hang from the bottom rung of the pyramid for last minute bonus points. Its specialty is shooting long distances, or cross-court, into the highest three point goal with amazing accuracy. With Arcana we made it all the way to the FIRST Robotics World Championship for the third year in a row.


Name: Allie-Hoop  
Rebound Rumble
Status: Dismantled

Allie-Hoop was a play on words with the famous “alley-oop”. Built for the 2012 game Rebound Rumble, Allie had the ability to retrieve foam basketballs from the floor and launch them from the peak of the key into the top hoop. Along with Allie, we made it all the way to the FIRST Robotics World Championship.


Name: Archie  
Season: 2011
Game: Logomotion
Status: Dismantled

Built for the 2011 game Logomotion, Archie had the ability to hang inflatable tubes on pegs with a large extendable claw. It also housed our minibot which we called “Dirty Bit”, inspired by’s involvement in FIRST Robotics. To our team, Archie is regarded as our “break out robot”. Its construction led to better robots, and better things, sending us to the FIRST World Championship for the first time ever! It also started the trend of “A” names for a series of post robots.


Name: Ctrl-Z
Season: 2010
Game: Breakaway
Status: Dismantled

Built for the 2010 game Breakaway, Ctrl-Z had the ability to hit a soccer ball into the goal, and squeeze under the central tunnel, as well as navigate the two “bumps” that sectioned the field into three parts. Named after the keyboard shortcut for how many times our team had to undo it, it was later revamped into Ctrl-Y, the shortcut for redo, as a t-shirt cannon before finally retiring in late 2015 after generous donations from a few sponsors.


Name: Jaws
Season: 2009
Game: Lunacy
Status: Dismantled

Jaws was our first functional robot with an Autonomous Period for the moon themed 2009 name game known as lunacy, although we still did not understand strategy very well at this early stage in the game. Jaws was capable of picking up balls and scoring in the corner goal. Jaws was the beginning of the Daredevils as we officially changed our team name that year. 


Name: Sea Lion
Season: 2008
Game: Overdrive
Status: Dismantled

Our first robot ever as the “Duluth Penguins”, Sea Lion was built for the 2008 game Overdrive.