2512 sponsors


ISD 709 has been a Daredevil supporter and sponsor from the beginning. They are very generous in allowing us use to the fabrication laboratory that the fabrication side of the team is primarily stationed during our team meetings.

Please visit www.isd709.org for more information.


Tricel Honeycomb Corporation has been a prominent sponsor for the Daredevils. They donate supplies for our robot each year and have a continuing pledge for us. They pledge also helps with getting our programming technology up to date.

Please visit their website www.tricelcorp.com for more information.


Grandma Marty has been a very generous sponsor throughout Daredevil history. She is the grandmother of two former Daredevils and pledges a significant amount of money to us each year.

The Daredevils are extremely thankful to the generosity of Grandma Marty!

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AAR Aircraft Services is an aircraft consultant located in Duluth. They help fund our community programs with their pledge, such as our annual LEGO Robotics camps and funding our Swedish team.

Please visit www.aarcorp.com for more information.

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Saturn Systems is a computer consultant company located in Duluth. They work on Industrial Technology issues and help to fix software issues. Their annual pledge helps us to purchase the necessary components for our robot to function.

Please visit www.saturnsys.com for more information.

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Minnesota Power is the leading electric utility company used in Duluth. Their money helps us to purchase new supplies for the electrical part of our robot.

Please visit www.mnpower.com for more information.

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Kiwanis of Friendly Duluth is a 501c(3) organization that helps with lots of community events around Duluth. Their pledge helps us donate money to our youth organizations around the community such as the Ordean East Devildogs and the Lester Park Fireballs.

Please visit www.kiwanisduluth.com for more information.

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Fastenal is a construction supplies distribution company with a location in Duluth. Their donation helps us build a successful robot as well as construct a practice playing field for our team and other local teams to practice on.

Please visit www.fastenal.com for more information.


Altec Industries is an Industrial Technology warehouse located in Duluth. Their donation helps us to construct field elements for the practice field as well as have official field pieces delivered to our annual summer offseason competition.

Please visit www.altec.com for more information.