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Companies and Foundations:

Lahti Charitable Trust

East End Auto


North Shore Bank

Bandtec Inc.

Jamar Company

United Piping Inc.


Kelly O’Toole

Deborah Swenson

Stan Burns

Wayne Gustafson

Grandma and Grandpa 2512

Shirley Velner

Michelle Schubitzke

Lori and Doug Frisk

Wayne Catlin

Judith and Marvin Haugen

Wayne Brandt

Sara Pitterle

Lynda Keller

Kathleen Myers

Richard and Dolores Gaida

Amy Skala

Constance Johnson

Wayne Gatlin Jr.

Wanda DiDomenico

Steven White

Michael Waxman

Kathleen Nicoletti

Mark Laiti

Kay Norris

Sherri Brown

Marjorie Ballew

Cynthia Grindy

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