This Website

This website was built using the Squarespace platform and is completely student controlled. The visual aspects stem from a preinstalled theme which was then built upon, and further customized, using basic CSS and HTML. This ensures that almost any student can run the site smoothly without extensive knowledge while learning basic website coding where needed.

If you are a team just starting out with no experienced Mentors in the field, we would recommend starting with what some may call a “cookie-cutter”, or “drag and drop” platform in order to familiarize your team with the basic website functions and organization before advancing to a “sandbox” style platform. Basically lay out your website beforehand; what information will you provide? Will it all be public, or will some be private? Experimentation with less structured sandbox platforms is best performed during a team’s off-season, or planned downtime.

If you have any questions or would like advice regarding the Squarespace or Bluehost programs, we may be able to help, so feel free to contact us! We would also be happy to recommend or direct you towards beginners customizable or pre-set plugins; these are some of the easiest ways to add cool features to your site without much experience. We cannot guarantee our level of experience or familiarity with other programs, but will try to the best of our ability to do so or direct you to resources that answer your requests.